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Embody Your Erotic Freedom

Speaking and living my truth has changed me and taught me many things about the nature of consciousness and the power that we all have to be master creators of our lives. I now offer my gifts to the world through my unique, intuitive personal sessions which draw on both learned techniques and spontaneously channelled wisdom and insight. I love to guide souls into new vistas as they learn how to open to the Truth, receive and enjoy sensual pleasure and dissolve barriers to Love. Allow me to guide you to flower into your true authentic self, where bliss reigns!

With grace,
Olivia Jade

about Olivia

The act of making an idea, concept or specific intention real through the body; often with the intention of being felt by another.


A state of closeness between two beings reached through the diminishing of space and the act of feeling.


That which has been created with focused intention; one’s reason for being.

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls” ~ Joseph Campbell

Discover you true erotic nature

Olivia is dedicated to supporting you in creating conscious relationships with yourself, your partner(s), the Divine and the world.  As a Certified Tantra Educator and Sexological Bodyworker she has a passion for empowering people to step into the fullest expression of themselves.

My specialities include:
~ Tantra Yoga marrying spirituality and sexuality including breathwork and meditation with conscious touch and connection
~ Private one-on-one sessions to facilitate profound growth and healing through hands on energy work
~ Guiding people transitioning to new expressions of themselves in areas such as polyamory and sacred kink
~ Helping people push their edges to facilitate powerful breakthroughs
~ Empowering people in their sexuality
~ Deeper intimacy tools for individual and couples
~ Cultivating conscious communication skills
~ Developing and deepening a mantra meditation practice

Tantra Sessions

Tantra Therapy • Goddess Empowerment • Sexual Healing • Heart Healing • Counselling & Life Coaching

Sessions are founded on my belief that we all need to explore and free up our sensual and emotional energy in order to live a joyful and satisfied life.

Tantra Massage, in the traditional and authentic Tantra Temple style.

It is a deeply relaxing, nourishing and sensual whole body massage with organic coconut oil, that is designed to awaken the sexual energy in the whole body through the sense of touch.

Introduction to Tantra – Coaching Sessions

This is an ideal session for anyone that has either no, or very limited knowledge of the sacred practice of Tantra. The session will begin with basic discussion of what Tantra is and how it can Awaken you to a whole new world of Bliss and fulfillment