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Divine Feminine

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Honour the Divine feminine The Divine feminine is a force of nature which exists in both men and women. As women tend to be more in tune with their Yin,…

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Yogic Breathing

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Full Yogic Breath Full Yogic Breath is a deeply balancing¬†pranayama¬†(breathing exercise) that benefits vata, pitta, and kapha. It is sometimes known as three-part breath because it works with three different…

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What is Tantra?

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“The philosophy of Tantra, which most people mistakenly think is only about sex, is actually about weaving. The word Tantra literally means “loom” and the verb tan means “to stretch.”…

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The Chakra System

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The chakras are concentrated vortices of energy within the subtle body, centers of consciousness. They are way-stations along the upward path of the Kundalini. Our bodies actually have many chakras,…

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House of love

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A house of love with no limits, a presence more beautiful than venus or the moon, a beauty whose image fills the mirror of the heart. ~Rumi [icon style="heart" color="ff0099"]…

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Sutra 5

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Follow the path of the radiant life force as she flashes upward like lightning through your body. Attend simultaneously to the perineum, that bright place between the legs, to the…

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Luminous Awareness

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You are the light of awareness embodied in time and space. Embodied awareness brings forth embodied consciousness, which is radiant light. Bring your attention to the field of luminous awareness…

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Tantra Massage Vancouver

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What can I expect in a Tantric Massage? “Tantra bodywork is connective, restorative, compassionate, healing, loving, arousing, experiential, powerful and potentially life changing if you allow yourself to surrender to…

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Inspired and Creative Coaching

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We are living in an era where people are more disconnected from their authentic and creative selves, thus creating an epidemic to which people must learn the art form of…

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Tantra Massage in Vancouver

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These sessions may cover any of the following ¬† The importance of breath, presence and connection Positive communication skills and how to ask for what you want Techniques to bring…

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