The Chakra System

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The chakras are concentrated vortices of energy within the subtle body, centers of consciousness. They are way-stations along the upward path of the Kundalini. Our bodies actually have many chakras, both big (e.g. at the crown of the head) and small (e.g. at the pads of our fingers). “The chakras” refer to the seven main chakras “situated” along the axis of the spine. All the chakras have the potential to become powerful erogenous zones!

English and Sanskrit Name Location Color Symbol Central Issue Goals Intuitive Abilities
Crown Chakra
Top of head Violet Awareness Wisdom, knowledge, consciousness, spiritual connection Knowingness
Sixth Chakra
Center of head Indigo Imagination, intuition Clear seeing, non-judgment, accurate interpretation Clairvoyance, the ability to see spirit
Fifth Chakra
Throat Blue Communication, creative expression Clear, authentic communication and creativity Clairaudience, the ability to hear spirit
Fourth Chakra
Heart Green Love, self-affinity Compassion, tranquility, self-acceptance, good relationships Connectedness to one’s truth or soul purpose
Third Chakra
Solar plexus Yellow Power, will Vitality, spontaneity, strength of will, purpose, self-esteem Effortlessness
Second Chakra
Low belly, genitals Orange Sexuality, emotions Feeling, fluidity, pleasure, healthy sexuality Clairsentience, the ability to feel energy, emotions
Root Chakra
Base of spine Red Survival Stability, grounding, physical health, prosperity, trust Groundedness

Although we cannot see or feel the chakras with our physical senses, they are evident in the shape of our physical bodies and in the way we think, feel, and handle life’s situations.

Sometimes these energy centers become clogged or blocked due to negative experiences, physical pain, emotional traumas, social programming, cultural conditioning, limiting belief systems, or adverse life conditions. Blocks result in an incomplete or unbalanced experience of life and limit the expression of our own true life force energy. If you have ever experienced a “knot in your throat,” for example, due to holding back tearful emotional expression, then you have experienced a block in the 5th chakra. This block acts as a limit, restricting the full expression of your inner world to the outer. Can you recall a time when you have experienced a “heavy heart,” a block in the 4th chakra? Grief, resulting from hurts to the heart, blocks the heart’s natural lightness and expansiveness; the heart becomes heavy and closed. A heavy heart prevents us from engaging in nourishing, loving relationships, and our life may feel incomplete as a result.

Awakening and opening all of our chakras allow us to express ourselves as unique, whole, and fully-realized individuals.

Tantric practice provides means to fully awaken and open the chakras, with particular emphasis on the second, fourth chakras and sixth chakras (sex, heart, and spirit), integral to our experience as expansive, joyful beings.