Counseling & Life Coaching

Tired of traditional counseling?  Not getting results?   Instead of just talking about your issues, would you like to heal and let them go?  Traditional therapists make a ton of money because their clients keep coming back.  Their sessions rarely offer permanate solutions or healing.  I offer pro-active, Spirit-based counseling and Spiritual Therapy.  My sessions are designed to help you heal so you don;t need to keep coming back for years, running circles around your problems.  These sessions are designed to help you pinpoint and eliminate the blocks, unhealthy patterns, limiting beliefs and fears that are keeping you from living every moment of your life in a state of bliss and happiness.  My sessions include verbal counseling, inner child therapy, emotion release techniques, guided meditations and healing ceremonies.

These sessions can help you:

  • Embrace inner power, manifest more abundance, achieve lifetime goals
  • Find and move in the direction of your Life Purpose, renew your passion for life
  • Transform any negative experiences into empowering opportunities
  • Pinpoint Limiting beliefs, past programming and negative patterns and release them permanently
  • Release depression, sadness, anger, apathy, regret and grief
  • Heal Social disorders
  • Heal from past trauma, physical abuse and sexual abuse/incest
  • Overcome substance abuse, eating disorders, sexual addiction
  • Heal Sexual Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction, Hyper-sexuality, lack of libido, fear of intimacy
  • Embrace and heal your Inner Child
  • Heal over past relationships, heal any old, residual pain and sever energetic chords
  • -Learn how to manifest your Soulmate
  • Learn how to use the Law of Attraction, Creative Visualization and Positive thinking to manifest the life you deserve
  • Learn how the chakras function, how to clear them and keep them aligned
  • Learn how to tap into your sexual power
  • Learn how to connect with and communicate with your Guardian Angels and how to work with the Angelic realm for healing
  • Embrace your feminine energy and step into your Goddess Power, balance your feminine and masculine energies
  • Embrace your Masculine energy and emerge as the Warrior of Light that you were born to be,balance feminine/masculine energies

In Person session $400- 2 hours , Phone or Skype Session $200 1 1/2 hr