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We are living in an era where people are more disconnected from their authentic and creative selves, thus creating an epidemic to which people must learn the art form of deeper connection.

Our busy lifestyles are preventing us from connection to our body, mind and soul (or our heart) and over a long period of time, a block is formed through our energy system. This results in stress, chronic fatigue, illness, irritability, anxieties, and an overall feeling of loss of control. Each of us have learned an “impressionable blueprint” that has programmed our belief in how we eat, how we work, how we relate to others in relationships, how we formulate friendships, how we harness our creative process, and how we cope.

The people who are closest to us often live the same busy pace of life thus not being able to offer the same intimate, deep level of commitment to our personal or professional growth as we may need.

I am a type of healer who is preparing for a new world, full of different ways, rooted in ancient freedoms. I address the soul through a connection of the mind, the body and the chakra system. I am committed to each individual’s journey with their soul.

Some may define this role as a coach, a healer, a guru, a buddy or friend. Our soul will let us know when the time has come to be nurtured and it is no coincidence that you have found this page. I offer individual and group coaching, always blending various modalities, techniques and philosophies from various spiritual practices.

The modalities may vary based on an individual’s need but the result is the same: an authentic spiritual and psychological awakening that affects all areas of one’s life.

My practice is mostly in Vancouver, BC though I travel to other cities in Canada, Europe and South America

If you would like to converse with me outside of immediate face to face, Skype roundez-vous is  please email me for more information