Olivia Tantra

Olivia’s Bio

…a gifted Therapeutic Masseuse and Sensual Healer. I am trained professionally in Swedish and Esalen Massage, Reiki Mastery, Integrative Mind/ Body Therapy, Tantric Spirituality, Tantric Yoga Practice. I maintain a practice myself to remain open as a channel of love and guidance, with the intention of inspiring the love in your heart that you then can channel to all areas of your own life…

In training Sexological Bodyworker
Trained in Inner Alchemy and Universal Tao System
Certified Life & Relationship Coach
Certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner
Certified Hatha-Tantra Yoga Teacher

My presence
As a sensual healer I am disarming and enlightening. I provide for you a sacred space to tune in to the present and be guided into gentle meditative, sensory awareness breath and deep, soothing sensual touch. I will coax you to relax and expand your natural prana, accept and embrace your emotional, erotic self, feel the love in your heart expand to interconnect with all living things, and find your way to experiencing true, simple and genuine transformation by communing with healing, powerful ultra life force energy in the naturalness that is YOU.

In my session
I like to spend some time getting tuned in to you through talking, eye gazing, breathing together… We then move into bodywork. My sessions are uni-directional. I facilitate your tuning in to yourself, your inner awareness intimately. I offer Sacred Healing Practices and can teach you Kundalini, Pranayama and Tantric Yogic internal muscle exercises. I will also help you through traumatic emotions or blocked feelings around your sexuality or intimacy in relationship to yourself and others.

And help you open to the love that is already inside of you now! My sessions are deeply therapeutic, sensual, and erotic, as to me all of these energies are intertwined in our sexual centers. You will find that I am a multifaceted woman, filled with ‘joie de vivre’ and gifted in intuition, acceptance, and compassion. Please help me understand more about you before and during our sessions. I can and will tailor my sessions for your specific needs and desires. I always offer email support between sessions as a Spiritual Guide to best assist your life journey.

A bit about me
I am wise, artistic, easy going, vibrant and beautiful, with a lithe yogini’s strength, luxurious curly rich brunette hair and a smile that will calm and soothe your soul. I am in Vancouver, BC, 20 minutes away from the busy downtown. I have worked as a designer, yoga teacher, marketing guru and have travelled much of the world. I inspire my artistic nature with beauty; surround myself with flowers, eclectic pieces of music, poetry, soft fabrics and vibrant colors. I often travel to exotic places, take spiritual quests, try new adventures, visit the theatre, read literature, view exhibits, films, walk in the grandness of nature, and live in gratitude for living…and love to receive any new, compelling ideas, experiences and thoughts you wish to share with me…

Olivia Jade
Sacred Sexuality Coach

Vancouver, BC

I offer sessions in my private home located in the beautiful tree-filled local of Vancouver, BC. I am just north of downtown Vancouver, and convenient to Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, Whistler, Bowen Island, Sunshine Coach & Victoria & Vancouver Island. I offer sessions that include Tantric Touch, Thai Bodywork, Sacred Sexuality Coaching, and Relationship Counseling for Men, Women and Couples.