Tantra Men

Tantric massage is an immensely arousing, relaxing, restorative & integrative experience.

My somatic massage approach encompasses mindful touch, breath (pranayama), meditation and energy activation. The intention is for a divine body-mind-spirit connection that promotes rejuvenation & empowerment through arousal + awareness, bringing unity to the masculine & feminine – balancing & nurturing aspects that reside in us all.

Many men find themselves caught up with expectations when it comes to sex – to be a perfect lover, get an erection, to stay hard for hours. Having a good relationship to our sexual self is the foundation for everything else in our life. How we feel about ourselves as a sexual being informs our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Are you looking to:

  • Learn more about your sexuality?
  • Build your confidence?
  • Heal sexual issues?
  • Explore pleasure as you’ve never experienced it before?

My experience working with men who are on the path to deeper connection bliss’s me out! There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than seeing a man wake up to himself in ways he never imagined. The feminine craves the healthy masculine energy and together we will unmask it as to empower and reveal your ability to penetrate through the heart of love. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you consider the possibility of seeing me: When being offered the opportunity to open to presence, pleasure, love, and intimacy with a partner or with yourself.

What is your *body* up to? Is it clenching? tensing? squeezing? withholding?
Is it barely breathing? struggling to feel? I know this is the reality of many, and I am here to offer something new…What if you felt….relaxed, fully feeling your entire body waking up to sensations all around and all over you…tingling awareness…loving connection to yourself as it explores the feeling of being in connection with THE reason you were born: To Be In LOVE.

Love Breathes. Love Opens. Love experiences without judgment or agenda.
Gone are the moments of tensing, clenching, and breath holding…no more eeking out a sparse moment of ecstasy.

You have the potential to experience much more, and with a clear intention and a brave heart I invite you to go deeper! We will begin with a tuning in period of time devoted to conversation, intention setting, and guidance.

We move into more advanced practices like Tantric transformational breathwork and devotional bodywork (I give, you receive) once we have moved through the tuning in process which is at my discretion as the guide.

In a Men’s session with me, we will work from all levels of your being: body/mind, heart/soul, and also through the energetic bodies. I am committed to supporting you to:
• better understand breath movement and energy flow in the body
• fully receive touch with full presence
• have a foundation of knowledge regarding Tantric wisdom and history
• heal areas of trauma and emotional imbalance that keep you from connecting with trust
• open a channel for more expansive ecstatic states of being during intimacy
• create an intention based lifestyle that empowers you in all your relationships
• learn how to cultivate depth in your intimate world in the bedroom and beyond
• gain the ability to communicate from your heart powerfully (hearticulation!)
• remember your reason and purpose for being here!