Tantra for Women

Awaken your sensual being

Tantric massage is an immensely arousing, relaxing, restorative & integrative experience.

  • Do you believe that lovemaking should be more profound & meaningful?
  • Would you like to connect more with your feminine energy?
  • Do you want to awaken your sexual potential & become multi-orgasmic?
  • Do you have a issue related to sexuality that you want to heal?
  • Do you want to know what Tantra can do for you and your relationship?

We were all born with an innate capacity to receive pleasure, to access and cultivate our own erotic energy and radiate that joy ourwards in every aspect of our lives. However, the sad fact is that most of us are not living even 1% of our full sexual and orgasmic potential. The average wordwide intercourse time is less than 3 minutes… this is nowhere near enough time to even connect with your partner, let alone have amazing orgasms and dissolve into ecstatic bliss! For most women, the inside of the Yoni (vagina) is mysterious unexplored territory. Erotic embodiment is all about getting to know yourself sexually, from inside to outside…. That’s where my role comes in….

It is a great honor to create a space of love and safety for my sisters on the path to awakening presence.

Women are in an amazing place now having gone through such tremendous challenges. It is time for us to heal past wounds, and create space for what is to come.

I believe it is us, the women, who are leading with the light of the divine feminine–along with the supportive healthy masculine– to transition from where we are now with our earth being depleted, to the new world, where our awareness becomes widespread and we empower everyone to heal our world. In order for each of us to shine our light, we must heal and regain our capacity for love.

We must begin to trust each other and be able to give and receive gifts of presence and wisdom from one another.

In a women’s session with me we will prioritize an organic unfolding to uncover your core desires as a woman and foster a sense of safety as we navigate all levels of your being, body/mind, heart/soul and energy bodies.

By applying Tantric concepts and activating other tools of healing and transformation, together we will create a space for you to realize your deepest gift and be able to share it with compassion, joy, and love. I am here to help you:

  • remember your power
  • heal from trauma
  • learn how to connect with your body in deeply pleasurable ways
  • move out of a “dry-spell” into an ecstatic spell
  • teach your partner how to please you with compassion and success
  • learn how to dance within new relationships to set foundations of trust and true intimacy
    connect with another woman in sweetness, safety, and joy!

We will always begin with a tuning in conversation and create an intention for our session together.

I encourage and make space for longer/more flexible sessions with women realizing that the way we connect is unique and can sometimes require more time.

I look forward to sharing with you; please contact me to discover our beginning.

Session Rates

1.5 hours $300
2 hours $400
3 hours $600

Hands-on Healing & Online Coaching Combination Packages*

While so much magic can occur when bodies consciously meet, there is also a lot for the mind to absorb when learning Tantra. I find my most extraordinary results come from the combination of working with someone both in-person and via Skype or phone. These packages are designed for those who want to lay a foundation for our in-person work before we meet or can enhance your experience after our physical time together.

On our Skype calls, we will relax with guided meditation and then through deep coaching weave all the threads of Tantra with your day-to-day experiences. I remain clothed during all Skype sessions.

  • One (1) 2hr hands-on session & One 2hr Skype/phone session – $650
  • Three (3) 2hr hands-on sessions & Three 2hr Skype/phone sessions – $1800 (savings $150)
  • Five (5) 2hr hands-on sessions & Five 2hr Skype/phone sessions – $3000 (savings $250)