Tantra Massage in Vancouver

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These sessions may cover any of the following

  The importance of breath, presence and connection

Positive communication skills and how to ask for what you want

Techniques to bring more awareness within

Energy cultivation

Body work

The big draw (Tao)

Explore how sexual practices can also be used as meditations

Orgasm challenges

Erectile challenges

Expanded Orgasm

Premature ejaculation

Learn new skills to get more out of your lovemaking

Massage, giving and receiving

Differences in libido

Urban Tantra

Sensual dance


How to release fear, judgment and shame about sex

To experience yourself in bliss


Please read through the following before contacting me.

You are interested in learning about modern day Tantra practices, want to invest time into this learning experience or just want to dip your toe in.

You understand this is not a relief massage or a sexual service involving oral or sexual intercourse.

You are a couple wanting to deepen your connection or simply spice up your love life!

You are an individual who wants to explore your sexuality consciously.

You are experiencing some type of sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation or an inability to orgasm, and want to address it in a holistic way.

You want to relate to your partners in a more authentic and heartfelt way.

You want to accept your sexuality as a part of who you are, not something separate.

You feel that your sexuality is an intrinsic part of  your spirituality.

You want to attempt to release any conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings that your sexuality is something shameful and embarrassing.

You are having trouble connecting sexually with your partner or simply want to up skill alone or together.

You are being challenged with a sexual addiction such as pornography and feel there must be something more meaningful.

You want to experience what it is like to be honoured and held in a space with no judgement around your body and sexuality.