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What can I expect in a Tantric Massage?

“Tantra bodywork is connective, restorative, compassionate, healing, loving, arousing, experiential, powerful and potentially life changing if you allow yourself to surrender to the journey without expectations – only an open heart and beginner’s mind is required” ~ Violet Rossi

Tantra can be an overwhelmingly transcendental experience for those who are first starting out on the journey, so I feel it is vital to ensure that in order for the curious to begin, it’s appropriate you understand that we ease you gently by way of ‘massage’ (which is a basic way of describing the movement of energy around your body facilitated through mindful touch).

Okay, now that we have this cleared up, let me give you an overview of this session so that you may feel more inclined to venture into what may be new territory…firstly, the penis in tantric speak is called the Lingam as it is part of the Sanskrit terminology, and in relation to tantric rituals, this session is about respecting, honouring and infusing love through touch in order to arouse deep sensations that may resonate at an energy level within the physical body.

In order to embrace the divine aspects that can arise, it’s valuable for you to accept that your attitude is what can make this a special experience for you. Secondly, it’s the divine supportive and sensual environment upon which you allow yourself to surrender that can heighten the overall experience toward bliss.

tantra vancouver tantric massage men women couplesPreparation takes time and dedication on my part, as I prepare a quiet, therapeutic candle lit space which is decorated in welcoming hues (orange for sacral resonance, red for base chakra grounding) along with aromas of gently simmering natural essence. Once we’ve greeted one another and chatted about your intentions for the session, I may invite you to stand or sit face-to-face where we continue to embrace or hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, and breathe deeply into the belly. (Here, depending on your tantric experience and length of booking, we can decide whether you wish to practice tantric technique or simply chill out to the relaxing meditational component.) After this simple yet subtle and stirring connection, I will ask that you lay down before lavishing your body with natural oils.

You will be taken on an adventure of the spirit, dipping into the deep valleys of ecstasy and diving into the realms of pleasure with my voice guiding you all of the way. At times I may be silent if, given your purpose is to refrain from ejaculation (PE), and simply lead you through the peaks so that you learn control. If, at any point, you seem close to ejaculation, I will slow my movements to reduce stimulation and let you cool down before beginning again. I may encourage you to take deep breaths. Same with those of you who may experience ED; we will take this into consideration when designing your session.

It has been reviewed that I’m masterful and those who return have informed me that they’ve been extremely surprised by the absolute dedication I bring into this journey with you; adapting my own style of deep, intuitive re ki pressure point to those parts of your body I can sense are calling out for more strengthening and rejuvenating. Once we gauge together where it is your physical and spiritual body requires further embracing, I will ask your permission to continue, otherwise we will simply move along into a more light and sensual dance.

An additional part of my session involves shifting the energy with a motion of both hands around you, coming up from the base of your spine into your heart space. This energy is extremely comforting and loving either during or after the experience of such pleasure, and I’ve been ecstatic at your acceptance of such an embrace.  Continuing with the body, I may move to the sacred spot is another way to delay ejaculation. If you start to feel close, I will decrease stimulation. If I can hold back your orgasm six times, a tremendous amount of sexual energy will be stored, which you can retain and circulate throughout other parts of your body. If you choose to ejaculate, your orgasm will probably be much more intense than usual.

Release is offered in order to alleviate any resistance that may occur if your body is reconnecting with old beliefs that this is the only way you will feel ‘gratified’ as in orgasmic. Note; ejaculation is not orgasm and I will have to keep reminding you to take deep breaths if this is a new experience and your body is unable to contemplate further sensory cues. Those who have responded well to tantric bodywork in the past often prefer to extend their energetic experience in order to sustain and/or reach body orgasm.